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Meghan Fletcher

Formerly of ITI

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  • Talking Innovation with Charlie Bolden

    In our latest Talking Innovation session, ITI’s Dean Garfield sat down with NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden for a conversation that literally circled the universe.  In this exclusive interview, Bolden [...]

    10/31/2012 - ITI Blog
  • Voting to Strengthen America's Economic Foundation

    UPDATE (5:08 p.m.):  The House voted 257-158 on the Smith bill -- a majority but not enough to reach the 2/3rds threshold required for the suspension rules under which the bill was being considered.   [...]

    09/19/2012 - ITI Blog
  • Talking Innovation and the Startup Act 2.0 with Sen. Moran

    When Kansas Senator Jerry Moran sat down to address the economy, he took a unique look at the problem and came up with a unique solution. In an effort to boost both innovation and the economy, he decided [...]

    09/12/2012 - ITI Blog
  • Talking Innovation and Broadband with Sen. Moran

    There’s a major push on around the country to expand high-speed broadband in urban and rural areas alike.  One project that has attracted an enormous amount of attention is Google’s effort to create an [...]

    09/07/2012 - ITI Blog
  • Cybersecurity and You

    We rely on our computers, smart phones, and tablets for everything from entertainment to balancing our checkbook. From our fleeting interests to our bank accounts, our lives are on our hard drives and [...]

    04/23/2012 - ITI Blog
  • DESSC companies on Newsweek’s Greenest Companies List

    DESSC is proud of all of our member’s green efforts, but today we want to applaud the six DESSC members that made it onto Newsweek’s 2012 Greenest American Companies list. Now in its fourth year, these [...]

    11/16/2012 - DESSC Blog
  • Energy Management in the Modern Economy

    There’s an app for that.   Thanks in part to the U.S. Department of Energy’s “Apps for Energy” contest, smartphone and tablets have hundreds of applications to help monitor, control, and boost energy efficiency. [...]

    11/12/2012 - DESSC Blog
  • Speaking for the Trees

    As you head into the Lorax movie, you may not realize you are in for far more than an hour and a half of popcorn, children’s laughter and the gravelly voice of Danny DeVito as one of Dr. Seuss’ most lovable [...]

    03/02/2012 - DESSC Blog