As the House of Representatives debates cybersecurity legislation, this ITI briefing book is your one-stop-shop for resources to help explain the issues, to learn what is involved in information sharing, and to debunk some of the commonly held myths about the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA).

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General Materials

Information Sharing


Privacy Protections

  •    With the provisions in the base bill and the amendments added in committee, CISPA ensures that information sharing is focused on cybersecurity.  (4/15/13)
  •    Our summary table outlines the Intelligence Committee's privacy protection additions, building on the safeguards included in the base bill.  (4/15/13)
  •    CISPA has significant personal privacy protections to ensure that Americans receive enhanced cybersecurity as well as individual security.  (4/14/13)

Debunking the Myths