Media Coverage

  • October 17, 2014
    by Michelle Quinn
    The tech industry's interest in Washington may be about to perk up. With about two weeks to go before the midterm election, chances are good that Republicans will be the new majority in the Senate. That [...]
  • October 14, 2014
    by Nancy Scola, The Washington Post
    Tech policy is that rarest of things in American politics: a subject that isn't on its face partisan. Party lines are generally no more than a rough guide to how votes on tech issues will turn out. That [...]
  • October 03, 2014
    by Trey Hodgkins, ITAPS
    1. The unstable budgetary environment drags on. A continuing resolution is likely through at least early December, but election results will determine whether the CR that follows is for a full year or [...]
  • September 29, 2014
    by Alex Lawson, Law360
    A global coalition of industry organizations on Sunday urged negotiators to conclude their work on the expansion of a World Trade Organization deal to slash tariffs on information technology products in [...]
  • September 08, 2014
    by Julian Hattem, The Hill
    Outside voices are increasing their calls for the Senate to overhaul the National Security Agency, putting pressure on leaders of the upper chamber to bring legislation to a vote. On Monday, a coalition [...]
  • September 07, 2014
    by Julian Hattem, The Hill
    Silicon Valley's checks haven't been buying them many bills. Lawmakers made multiple trips to the tech industry capital this summer to stage meet-and-greets with company executives and get them to open [...]
  • September 04, 2014
    by Jake Williams, FedScoop
    After a few days of rumor and speculation, Megan Smith will officially take over as the next U.S. chief technology officer, according to a post on the White House blog. Alexander Macgillivray, a former [...]
  • August 11, 2014
    by Katy Bachman, Politico
    Hoping to prevent another disaster, the White House on Monday launched the U.S. Digital Service, a team of experts that aims to fix problems with government websites and help upgrade federal [...]
  • August 07, 2014
    by Brian Heaton, Government Technology
    An overhaul to how federal government agencies purchase technology is not likely to happen this year, according to industry experts. A lack of time for lawmakers to deliberate on the issue and questions [...]
  • August 07, 2014
    by Mark Rockwell, Federal Computer Week
    The latest wave of federal IT procurement programs focusing on innovation and interagency services has left industry representatives scratching their collective heads about how the new efforts will coexist [...]