June 03, 2016

WASHINGTON – The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI), the global voice of the tech sector, released comments it has submitted today to the Department of Commerce on the Benefits, Challenges, and Potential Roles for the Government in Fostering the Advancement of the internet of things (IoT). In the written comments, ITI identifies multiple areas where the tech sector encourages the U.S. government to undertake actions in order to foster IoT development related to security, spectrum and broadband development, ensuring cross border data flows, and encouraging global industry-led standards and interoperability development.

"Devices have been connecting to the Internet for some time now, but the accelerated development and use of connected technology means an estimated 30 billion devices will be connected through the IoT by 2020," said ITI Vice President of Government Affairs Vince Jesaitis. "Government has a lot of work to do to ensure US leadership in IoT, which is not a given at this point. As we lay out, there are many policy areas that will impact IoT, but the Commerce Department and NTIA have significant expertise to lead the government’s work on developing a cohesive approach to promoting and enabling these new technologies.”

ITI and its member companies are committed to the success of crafting smart policy around the IoT. Earlier this year, ITI’s President and CEO Dean Garfield called for a national strategic plan for the IoT and ITI has voiced its support for the bipartisan DIGIT Act, legislation which directs federal agencies to create recommendations that will ensure full development of the IoT.

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Public Policy Tags: Forced Localization, Broadband, Communications, & Spectrum, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things