February 10, 2016

The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI), the global voice of the tech sector, released the following statement by President and CEO Dean Garfield on the White House announcement of a new Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP). This CNAP embraces initiatives to enhance cybersecurity that ITI and the IT Alliance for Public Sector (ITAPS), ITI’s public sector division, have strongly advocated for in the past, and importantly includes a budgetary commitment by the federal government to invest significantly increased resources in cybersecurity.

“This announcement ensures the Obama Administration’s thoughtful approach to cybersecurity, in both words and action, will continue through the end of 2016 and beyond,” said ITI President and CEO Dean Garfield. “Notably, the FY2017 budget announced by the White House includes more than $19 billion for cybersecurity, an increase of more than 35 percent over the FY2016 enacted level, including significant investments in cybersecurity workforce development and training and a comprehensive federal research and development strategic plan.”

Garfield continued, “The CNAP also demonstrates the value the White House places on furthering and funding public-private partnership approaches to enhancing cybersecurity while also protecting privacy, a sentiment the tech sector has long advocated and shared.”

Public Policy Tags: Cybersecurity