March 22, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C.… ITI President & CEO Dean Garfield made the following statement after FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced his intent to leave the Commission after four years at its helm.

“Throughout his tenure, Chairman Genachowski has promoted the nexus between innovation and economic opportunity.  He has shown great insight and determination in developing and shaping broadband and wireless policies to ensure there are opportunities for new businesses, jobs, and educational purposes that bridge the digital divide in all corners of the country.  Throughout his tenure, he looked at issues from all sides, never rushed to judgment, and worked to have the best-informed policies and priorities for the FCC.  We hope that the new members of the Commission will continue to rely on the same North Star of innovation that guided Chairman Genachowski.

“Chairman Genachowski leaves the FCC in a strong position, poised to address the next generation of challenges facing the tech and communications sectors while continuing to be a strong voice for the American public.” 


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