June 24, 2016

ITI Welcomes Argentine Commitment to Promoting Innovation and the Digital Economy

BUENOS AIRES – The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI), the global voice of the tech sector, welcomed strong policy commitments made today by the Argentine Ministry of Production that will serve to boost the country’s competitiveness and grow its technology industry. The joint statement issued by ITI and the Argentine Secretary of Commerce comes after ITI traveled to Buenos Aires this week with a delegation of information and communications technology (ICT) member companies to discuss the role that data flows and digital technologies play in innovation and economic growth across all sectors of the global economy.

“The actions of the Argentine government to advance these policies will ignite innovation and spur economic growth in its country,” said ITI Senior Vice President for Global Policy Josh Kallmer. “Argentina is demonstrating astute leadership and vision, not only to be a competitive destination for global technology companies, but to promote an innovation ecosystem for its emerging startups and established technology industries to thrive and expand into the global marketplace.”

Some of the policy commitments announced by Argentine government officials today include:

  • An affirmation of the value of an open, interoperable, reliable, and secure internet, along with a multi-stakeholder approach to internet governance;
  • An affirmation of the importance of the free flow of information as fundamental to growth in both manufacturing and services industries;
  • A commitment to fostering transparent policy and legal frameworks for all businesses and investors; and
  • An affirmation of the importance of integration in the global trade system.

Kallmer noted that today’s announcement by Argentine government leaders is part of a year-long effort by the tech sector to promote global innovation and digital economy policy recommendations in the G-7 (which recently adopted similar policies) and among the broader G-20 economies.

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