June 24, 2016

BUENOS AIRES - Today, the Secretary of Commerce of the Ministry of Production of Argentina and the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) convened a business roundtable in Buenos Aires to discuss the role that data flows and digital technologies play in innovation and economic growth across all sectors of the global economy. ITI traveled to Buenos Aires June 22-24 with a delegation of information and communications technologies (ICT) companies to learn more about, and help support, the new government’s commercial, economic, and innovation agenda.

ITI welcomes the strong commitment demonstrated by the government of Argentina to policies that advance privacy protections, enhance national security and data security, and enable cross-border data flows, which are important for any country with growing ICT and services industries seeking to be an attractive destination for global companies and emerging startups. Some of these policies include:

  • An affirmation of the value of an open, interoperable, reliable, and secure Internet, along with a multi-stakeholder approach to Internet governance;
  • An affirmation of the importance of the free flow of information as fundamental to growth in both manufacturing and services industries;
  • A commitment to fostering transparent policy and legal frameworks for all businesses and investors; and
  • An affirmation of the importance of integration in the global trade system.

Argentina boasts a robust and growing ICT industry, as local software, startup, and services companies have benefited from Argentina’s competitive and dynamic human capital resources, high connectivity and ICT penetration in the country, and growing demand in both Argentina and the region for services, apps, and other internet-driven content.

The recently inaugurated Macri administration has built on this success, making a number of significant political and economic changes that demonstrate its deep commitment to modernizing the Argentine economy through the promotion of trade and investment. These changes include a focus on advancing Argentina’s strengths in energy, services, and education and an openness to close collaboration with global government and business leaders.

The Secretary of Commerce of the Ministry of Production of Argentina and ITI are excited to continue to work together to further improve the business environment and opportunities to expand trade and investment.