September 06, 2016

WASHINGTON – ITI, the global voice of the tech sector, released the following statement today after leaders of the world’s top 20 economies (G-20) concluded their meetings in Hangzhou, China:

“We are pleased that President Obama and President Xi have met on the margins of the G20 leaders meeting in Hangzhou, China. Continuing high-level dialogue is important to deepening bilateral economic ties and managing global issues. It is especially important that in the publicly released fact sheet on U.S.-China economic relations innovation and technology policy were prominently mentioned. The reaffirmation of important commitments regarding principles of non-discrimination of foreign firms, intellectual property protection, and transparency in policy making must be the foundation of the economic relationship going forward. ITI looks forward to working with the Obama administration, the Chinese government, and the next U.S. presidential administration to ensure the implementation of the best policies for innovation in both economies.

“In this spirit, we note that we appreciate the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ recent acknowledgment of the concerns of international industry groups about China’s draft cybersecurity law and related measures. As was noted in the multi-association letter, international companies remain committed to working with China’s government to address these issues in ways that support China’s social, economic, and security goals. At the same time, we continue to have concerns that these regulations will impact cross-border company operations, the internet economy, and China’s innovation environment beyond what regulators intend. We look forward to participating in ongoing dialogue at any opportunity in the coming months about the best policies and methods to address digital trade, innovation, and security."

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Public Policy Tags: Cybersecurity, Trade & Investment