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Tech News Roundup

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Key Issues


New net rules would hit digital economy: diplomat. Inter-governmental regulation of the Internet could deter investment, raise costs for consumers and hinder online access, a U.S. diplomat said on Wednesday. (Reuters)

The U.N. and the Internet: What to expect, what to fear (FAQ).  The U.S., Canada, and European allies are squaring off against Russia and China at a U.N. Internet summit. At stake: the future of how the Internet will be run.  (CNET)

Fiscal Cliff

Oracle, Cisco among companies rushing to pay dividends before fiscal cliff. As the nation gets close to plunging over the metaphorical fiscal cliff, triggering what could be massive tax increases and spending cuts in January, scores of businesses -- including at least two major Bay Area corporations -- are taking steps to soften the landing for their shareholders. (San Jose Mercury News)

The Physics of the Year-End Fiscal-Cliff Negotiations. The year-end negotiations have been heavy on theater, but the gravity of the situation is fast becoming undeniable.   (National Journal)

Obama takes "fiscal-cliff" campaign to "middle-class".  President Barack Obama takes his "fiscal-cliff" campaign to the home of a family in Northern Virginia on Thursday to illustrate the impact of letting taxes go up on the middle class, as signs emerge that Republicans are contemplating a change in strategy in their battle with Democrats over deficit reduction. (Reuters)

Cybersecurity and Privacy

Senate privacy push seen as going nowhere until 2013.  A scheduled markup Thursday of Sen. Al Franken's geolocation measure could be the second time in as many weeks lawmakers have crammed on a key privacy bill that has no chance of seeing floor debate this year.

(Politico Pro)

McCaul: Cybersecurity legislation is 'top' priority next Congress. One of the top priorities for new House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) next Congress is to bring a cybersecurity bill to the floor that has "buy-in" from industry. (The Hill)


Republicans’ Immigration Bill Blocked by Senate Democrats.  Democrats in the Senate on Wednesday blocked consideration of a bill Republicans passed last week in the House of Representatives that would give 55,000 permanent resident visas to foreigners graduating from American universities with advanced degrees in science or technology. (NYT)

Immigration debate snares foreign Ph.D.s.  The immigration debate is heating back up in Washington — and in Silicon Valley.  (Politico Pro)

Climate and Sustainability

Report from COP18: Leadership is a matter of degrees.  Companies and investors want clarity on what is expected and demanded by regulators, the youth wants a world worth living in and demand leadership from regulators and the political leaders, and regulators want everybody to act now and take personal responsibility. (GreenBiz)

ITI Member News

Tim Cook's Freshman Year: The Apple CEO Speaks.  Prior to his death on Oct. 5, 2011, Steve Jobs made sure that the elevation of Tim Cook—his longtime head of operations and trusted deputy—to Apple chief executive officer would be drama-free. (Bloomberg Business Week)

RIM outlines program for enterprise clients to adopt BB10 Research In Motion outlined a step-by-step program on Thursday to help its large base of enterprise clients transition across to its soon to be launched new BlackBerry 10 platform. (Reuters)

Google Now Updated With Boarding Passes, Improved Voice Search. Google Now unveiled its latest update Wednesday, introducing instant access to your boarding pass and other travel-friendly features. (Mashable)

FTC Slams Google for Seeking iPhone, iPad Ban. The Federal Trade Commission is backing Apple in the company’s battle with Google over standard-essential patents (SEP), arguing that any attempt to ban a product for allegedly infringing an SEP “risks harming competition, innovation, and consumers.”  (All Things D)

1600 Penn

The President will be visiting a family in Northern Virginia on Thursday to discuss the implications of the Fiscal Cliff.  This evening, the first family will attend the lighting of the National Christmas Tree.