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Tech News Roundup

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Key Issues


Drafters of Communications Treaty Are Split on Issue of Internet Governance. Nearly a week into a global conference to draft a treaty on the future of international telecommunications, delegates remain divided on a fundamental question: should the Internet feature in the discussions? (New York Times)

Hackers Said To Hit United Nations Telecoms Talks In Dubai. Organizers of a U.N. conference on global telecommunications said Thursday that hackers apparently blocked their website and disrupted the talks, a gathering some critics fear could lead to greater controls over the Internet. (Huffington Post)        


NDAA a battleground for cyber.  Critical Pentagon programs to protect classified data from cyberattackers and state-sponsored spies hang in the balance as lawmakers begin to confer on competing House and Senate defense bills. (POLITICOPro)

U.K. convicts Anonymous member 'Nerdo' for DDoS attack.  Following guilty pleas by his comrades, Christopher Weatherhead is convicted for targeted campaigns against MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal for cutting off access to WikiLeaks. (CNET)


Senate passes Russia trade bill in 92-4 vote.  The Senate voted to grant Russia permanent normal trade relations (PNTR) status on Thursday. On a 92-4 vote, the Senate approved the Russia trade bill with broad bipartisan support. (The Hill)

The  Economy

Technology sector found to be growing faster than rest of US economy. Hi-tech job growth is three times faster than other areas of the private sector all across U.S., California economist calculates. (The Guardian)

Too soon to panic over jobs numbers.  75,000 new jobs is the figure economists are forecasting for today's employment report. That would mean 100,000 fewer jobs created in November than October.  But economists are also saying that before we start wringing our hands over an economic slowdown, it's important to take into account that November was a turbulent month. (Marketplace)

Telecom and Mobility

FCC's Pai warns that net neutrality is only the 'first step'.  Ajit Pai, a Republican member of the Federal Communications Commission, said on Thursday that a court victory for net-neutrality rules would embolden liberal members of his agency to adopt more Internet regulations. (The Hill)

FCC chief urges FAA to allow more in-flight use of devices. In calling for greater use of portable electronic devices on airplanes during flights, Julius Genachowski notes that mobile devices have become "increasingly interwoven" in people's lives. (CNET)

ITI Member News

Cisco calls on partners to evolve APAC services. Cisco Systems is calling for its channel partners to start thinking about adapting their business models to capitalize on the growth momentum toward services. (ZDNet)

In Shift of Jobs, Apple Will Make Some Macs in U.S.  Apple plans to join a small but growing number of companies that are bringing some manufacturing jobs back to the United States, drawn by the growing economic and political advantages of producing in their home market. (New York Times)

Planning His Legacy, Cisco Chief Maps an Expansion.  John T. Chambers has readied his last great act as the leader of Cisco Systems, fearing major changes in the technology business that could doom his company. (New York Times)

Xbox, PlayStation Doing Well Despite Pressure From Nintendo’s New Wii U. The introduction of the Nintendo Wii U in November did very little to slow the momentum of other gaming platforms in the U.S., according to the NPD Group.

Samsung hopeful of lowering damages awarded to Apple over infringements.  Samsung is unlikely to succeed in voiding a jury verdict that awarded Apple $1.05bn (£625m) in damages for patent infringement – but Apple may see that award trimmed by a judge after post-verdict hearings, experts say. (The Guardian)

1600 Penn.

This afternoon the President will sign H.R. 6063, the Child Protection Act of 2012, in the Oval Office.

Today on the Hill

Both the House and Senate are recessed.  The House reconvenes December 11, and the Senate reconvenes on December 10.