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Tech News Roundup

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Key Issues


Internet Governance talks in Jeopardy as Asia states, Russia ally.  A landmark attempt to set global rules for overseeing the Internet threatened to fall apart on Friday as a rift pitting the United States and some Western countries against the rest of the world widened, participants in the talks said. (Reuters)

Divisions over internet governance intensify in Dubai.  Russia, the UAE and others are proposing that 193 countries have "equal rights to manage the internet" including its technical specifications.
By contrast, the US wants to limit how the net features in the treaty's regulations. (BBC)

Fiscal Cliff

Both Parties Divided Over GOP 'Cliff' Idea . Republican leaders are pushing what looks like a relatively painless method of slowing federal spending, one that alters how the government calculates annual cost-of-living increases for an array of programs. (WSJ)


Time to reform complex tax code.  There are very few “teaching moments” in politics, but the drama surrounding the current debate over the fiscal cliff is one of them. As it unfolds, it is becoming clear that it is time for comprehensive tax reform. (Politico)

White House could protect middle class from tax hikes if deficit talks falter.  The White House has the power to temporarily protect taxpayers from middle-class tax hikes even as upper income rates rise if Congress does nothing and all of the Bush-era tax rates expire in January. (The Hill)


India arrested over 1,600 for cybercrimes in 2011.  Amid growing public outcry over India's controversial IT Act, the government notes arrests have jumped by nearly one-third from previous year which it says reflects rising trend of cybercrime in the country. (ZDNet)

ITI Member News

Apple's U.S. Mac-making plan would create 200 jobs – report.  Various industry watchers are weighing in on Apple CEO Tim Cook's remark this week that the company will invest $100 million into making Macs in the U.S., with some saying the move will create 200 new jobs. (CNET)

Apple and Google making joint bid for Kodak patents, report says.  Apple and Google might be opponents competing for smartphone and tablet customers, but according to a Bloomberg report they have joined forces to acquire Eastman Kodak's 1,000 imaging patents for more than $500 million. The Wall Street Journal first reported on the possible alliance in August. Previously, the Journal reported that Apple and Google were each leading separate consortiums to purchase the patents in the range of $150 million to $250 million. (CNET)

IBM chip aims to use light to speed up internet services. IBM says it has developed a chip that makes it easier to shuttle data about via pulses of light instead of using electrical signals. The firm says it should offer a way to move large amounts of information between processors in computer servers at higher speeds than at present. (BBC)

When is a patent too abstract? Google and Facebook weigh into key software case.  Google, Facebook, Red Hat, Dell, Rackspace, Zynga, Intuit and Homeaway have collectively filed a third-party brief in the court case of CLS Bank International vs Alice Corp. Many see the case as important in the ongoing question of how abstract an invention must be before it becomes unpatentable. (ZDNet)

1600 Penn.

The President today travels to Redford, Mich., where he will tour the Daimler Detroit Diesel plant and speak to employees.  It’s expected that the President’s remarks will focus on the economy, the fiscal cliff, and his push to extend tax breaks for the middle-class.  The plant tour starts around 1:30 p.m. ET, with remarks scheduled to begin at 2.

On the Hill

Senate:  The Senate convenes at 2 p.m. ET and will resume work on S. 3637, a bill that would extend for two years the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s Transaction Account Guarantee program.  This program provides unlimited deposit insurance coverage for non-interest-bearing transaction accounts.  Votes are expected today.

House:  The House is recessed today.  Members return to work tomorrow.