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Tech News Roundup

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Key Issues


Op-Ed:  Don't risk job creation to cut the deficit.   The focus in Washington is centered squarely on tackling our federal debt and deficits. Continuing our current path is not sustainable and risks burdening our children and grandchildren with bills our government runs up today. But our progeny will look on us with disappointed eyes if America's long-term economic strength is sacrificed at the altar of short-sighted public policies.  (ITI’s Dean Garfield/McClatchy-Tribune News)

Amid doubts, Camp pushes tax reform.  As House Republicans gathered in Williamsburg, Va., in early January for a retreat, sources say a certain weariness surfaced among lawmakers once informal discussions of tax reform moved from generalities to the politically fraught specifics of what it would take to pass a Tax Code rewrite.  (Politico Pro)

Senators look to extend ban on Internet taxes.  Republican Sens. Kelly Ayotte (N.H.) and Dean Heller (Nev.) introduced legislation Wednesday that would extend a law banning federal, state and local governments from taxing Internet access.  The Internet Tax Freedom Act, originally enacted in 1998, is set to expire in November 2014. The bill from Ayotte and Heller would extend the ban indefinitely.  (The Hill)

Cybersecurity & Privacy

Hackers in China Attacked The Times for Last 4 Months.  The timing of the attacks coincided with reporting for an investigation that found that the relatives of China’s prime minister had accumulated a fortune worth several billion dollars through business dealings.  (NYT)

Bringing big data to bear on big security.  Vendors from tiny startups to giants like RSA, IBM and Cisco are rushing to incorporate big data expertise to beef up IT security.  (

Experts warn of cloud snooping.  A piece of US legislation that gives authorities the right to spy on cloud data could be a major privacy issue for Europe.  (BBC)

Keeping Up With Kids' Online Privacy.   Research into teenagers' online behavior on sites like Facebook show that they adjust privacy settings and behave in ways that prove "they're very aware of privacy issues."  (NPR)

Hagel endorses cybersecurity reforms.  In written replies to panel, the secretary of Defense nominee says he would further refine strategy — including with private sector partners.  (Politico Pro)

IP Rights

Antigua’s threat to plunder American intellectual property: Video explains it all.  Antigua says it can disregard American patent and copyright law, thanks to a trade ruling. Here’s a quick summary plus a funny Taiwanese video to explain it all.  (

Researchers dive into copyrights and wrongs of the download age.  The University of Glasgow will be home to a research centre that will examine how copyright is changing and the need for new business models for distributing creative content.  (ZDNet)


Max Levchin talks about data, sensors and the plan for his new startup(s).  Max Levchin, who in his past life started PayPal and Slide is back at it again. He has started a new hybrid R&D Lab/Incubator and his focusing on opportunities created by the digitization of our physical world and explosion of data.  (

Big data analytics can serve as checks and balances.  The ability of collecting and analyzing volumes of unstructured big data that can spot anomalies can serve to ensure public sector is efficient and also transparent in its operations.  (ZDNet)

IBM's Watson heads to school.  The Jeopardy champ's college application has been accepted by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Big Blue proudly reports.  (CNET)

Global Trade

India seeks more ‘indigenous’ weapons.  The government and military chiefs of India, the world’s biggest arms importer, have called for an accelerated drive to make weapons domestically in order to cut the import bill and increase the country’s self-reliance as it extends its reach beyond Indian home waters.  (FT)

Senior Administration Officials Signal Hesitancy On U.S.-EU Trade Deal.  After more than a year of negotiations on whether and how to launch trans-Atlantic trade talks, Obama administration officials still signal hesitancy to endorse such an initiative and say they need more assurances from the EU to boost their confidence that such talks, if initiated, would conclude successfully.  (Inside US Trade)

Russia scraps law enforcement deal with U.S. in new blow to ties.  Russia scrapped a law enforcement agreement with the United States on Wednesday, further turning back the clock on a "reset" in relations since President Vladimir Putin's return to the Kremlin last year.  (Reuters)

Austerity in India: Defence and welfare spending to be slashed.  Finance Minister P. Chidambaram is putting welfare, defence and road projects on the chopping block in a last-ditch attempt to hit a tough fiscal deficit target by March, risking short-term economic growth and angering cabinet colleagues.  (Reuters)

Environment & Sustainability

The latest breakthroughs in green car technology.  A look at the finalists for the Green Car Technology award, which will be presented on Thursday at the Washington Auto Show.  (Washington Post)

Building an electric car for speed.  Mike Pethel has pieced together what may be the fastest electric car anywhere, using two DC motors and enough batteries to power 750 homes.  (Marketplace)

Honeywell and Opower team up on smart energy.  A trial with Pacific Gas & Electric tests consumer acceptance of cloud-connected thermostats and demand response programs.  (

Tech Business

Facebook's mobile ad revenue doubles in fourth quarter.  Facebook Inc doubled its mobile advertising revenue in the fourth quarter, a sign that the No.1 social network is seeing early success in expanding onto handheld devices as more of its users migrate to smartphones and tablets.  (Reuters)

Worldwide tablet shipments reached record levels in Q4.  According to new research from IDC, Apple's iPad still leads the charge when it comes to worldwide tablet shipments.  (ZDNet)

Huawei CFO linked to firm that offered HP gear to Iran.  A Hong Kong-based firm that attempted to sell embargoed Hewlett-Packard computer equipment to Iran's largest mobile-phone operator has much closer ties to China's Huawei Technologies than was previously known, corporate records show.  (Reuters)

ITI Member News

Amid Long Odds, BlackBerry Maker Unveils New Line and New Name.  The company introduced a new operating system and a new generation of phones, along with a new corporate name, with the hope of restoring its products’ status as a symbol of executive cool.  (NYT)

RIM's BlackBerry Rebranding Is Much More Than a Name Change.  By changing its name and launching an excellent operating system that runs on impressive phones, BlackBerry is doing more than writing a new chapter. It’s starting a new book. The importance of this cannot be overstated as the company that once defined the smartphone segment struggles to remain relevant in the era of Google and Apple.  (Wired)

RIM's CEO on the BB10.  Interview: RIM CEO Thorsten Heins sat down with The Wall Street Journal ahead of the BB10's release to discuss the carriers' support, U.S. delay and marketing costs.  (WSJ)

Qualcomm profit up 35% on smartphone wave.  Qualcomm beat Wall Street expectations and raised its 2013 guidance as the world’s biggest chipmaker for handsets rode the smartphone wave to benefit from its leadership in 4G wireless technologies.  The company reported record quarterly revenues of $6.02bn, up 29 per cent on a year ago and ahead of Wall Street expectations of $5.9bn.  (FT)

Intel faces long march to mobile salvation.  - Intel Corp, the world's biggest chipmaker, opened a new front on Thursday in a long and stuttering campaign to get its processors into mobile phones, although it appears to still have a long way to go.  (Reuters)

Lenovo May Offer Windows Phone to Expand Mobile Line.   Lenovo, the world’s second-largest personal computer maker, may offer smartphones running Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)’s Windows Phone 8 operating system to expand its range of handsets beyond Google Inc. (GOOG)’s Android.  (Bloomberg)

Google can't shake BrightRoll in $7.6 billion video market.  Google, the world's biggest seller of Web-search advertising, is getting one-upped in the surging $7.6 billion market for online-video ads from a 6-year-old startup one-tenth its size.  (San Jose Mercury News)

Nokia Here mapping elbows out Google to become Toyota Europe's local search.  Nokia's back-end mapping services will make their way to Toyota's navigation systems from 2014.  (ZDNet)

Today on the Hill

Senate:  The Senate convenes at 9:30 a.m. and proceeds to HR 325, the debt limit suspension legislation.  Senators expect to reach final passage stage today.

House:  The House is in recess.

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