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Tech News Roundup - 09/15/2017

Tech News Roundup

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Key Issues

Tech Politics 

FEC takes first step towards action on Russian Facebook ads. 
The Federal Election Commission voted unanimously on Thursday to gather testimony from experts and outsiders on whether it should make new rules regulating online political advertising, a first step in response to the recent news that Russian nationals bought Facebook ads during the 2016 elections. (Politico Pro) 
Inside Trump's dalliance with Democrats. After months of hammering Republicans over their failure to repeal Obamacare, President Donald Trump huddled this week with moderate House Democrats and Republicans who were trying to sell him on a fix to the health care law. (Politico Pro)
Global Trade

NAFTA partners shoot down U.S. flirtation with 'sunset' proposalCanada and Mexico pushed back Thursday against a U.S. proposal to incorporate a provision in NAFTA 2.0 that would automatically terminate the trade agreement after five years unless all three countries agree before then to renew it. (Politico Pro) 

Blindly mimicking China's growth model may simply not be possible for latecomer IndiaIf we examine India's current development strategy, including the Make in India initiative, it is implicitly oriented towards replicating the Chinese growth story. (Quartz) 

EU Pushes for Free-Trade Pacts With Countries Snubbed by U.S.. The European Union is defying protectionist trends and pursuing its most ambitious agenda of free-trade agreements in years. (Wall Street Journal) 


The White House is against 'amnesty,' but won't say what that means"We're not looking at citizenship. We're not looking at amnesty," President Donald Trump said Thursday, as he batted back reports that he'd struck a deal with Democrats on undocumented immigrants. "We're looking at allowing people to stay here." (Politico Pro) 

Trump, Democrats confirm outline of DACA deal, despite denialsPresident Donald Trump and Democratic congressional leaders reached a tentative agreement Wednesday night to provide a pathway to citizenship for young immigrants known as DREAMers - but after a conservative backlash, the president and his aides sent conflicting signals about how firm the agreement was. (Politico Pro) 

Trump diehards divided over DACA dealPresident Donald Trump's apparent deal with Democrats to shield some undocumented immigrants from deportation - without demanding funding for a border wall - is dividing some of his most ardent conservative backers. (Politico Pro) 

Feds actively considering delaying DACA deadlineThe Department of Homeland Security is "actively considering" delaying a looming deadline for so called-DREAMers to renew their status under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a Justice Department attorney said at a court hearing Thursday, according to attendees and a government official. (Politico Pro) 

Ryan to impanel GOP working group on DACASpeaker Paul Ryan is impaneling an informal working group of moderate Republicans and immigration hard-liners to find a solution for so-called DREAMers that the House GOP conference can support. (Politico Pro) 
Cybersecurity growth center to coordinate jobs training, business development in MassachusettsA new cybersecurity training center led by state government is opening in Massachusetts, Gov. Charlie Baker announced Wednesday at the state's first-ever Cybersecurity Forum. (StateScoop) 

Trump administration aims to fill cyber posts with first-ever government-wide tech hiring eventThe federal government's top IT officials are hosting the first-ever government-wide hiring event for cybersecurity and technology professionals in an effort to fill hundreds of empty posts. (Politico Pro) 

Google came up on the losing end of a previously undisclosed third showdown with the federal government over demands for data stored overseas, a federal court in Washington has revealed. (Politico Pro) 

Google loses symbolic data fight to federal court. A previously undisclosed court ruling between Google and a Washington D.C. federal court finds that Google's challenge to a search warrant for data it stores abroad was rejected, Politico reports. (Axios) 

ISPs claim a privacy law would weaken online security and increase pop-upsThe country's biggest Internet service providers and advertising industry lobby groups are fighting to stop a proposed California law that would protect the privacy of broadband customers. (Ars Technica)

Internet of Things 

Senators unveil bill to boost tech-savvy transportation projects. With self-driving cars and buses on the horizon, a bipartisan pair of lawmakers wants more communities to address their transportation needs using new technology, data and other smart solutions. (The Hill) 

Samsung Steps Up Push Into Autonomous Driving Technology. Samsung Electronics Co. said Thursday it will invest 75 million euro ($89 million) in TTTech, a Vienna, Austria-based company that makes autonomous driving technologies and safety controls for Audi cars and others, stepping up its push into autonomous driving technology. (BNA) 


Google hit with class action lawsuit over gender pay. Google faces a new lawsuit accusing it of gender-based pay discrimination. A lawyer representing three female former Google employees is seeking class action status for the claim. (Washington Post) 

Public Sector  
Tech groups highlight benefits of passing the MGT Act in letter to Senate. In a letter Thursday to the Senate Armed Services Committee, a group of tech lobbies including the IT Alliance for the Public Sector called the Modernizing Government Technology Act "a good first step" to helping agencies adopt more new technologies. (ITAPS Mentioned, FedScoop) 
Military IT chiefs want combat-ready infrastructureA streamlined IT infrastructure isn't just efficient, it's essential to warfighting capabilities. (FCW) 

Census delays field IT contract awardWith a critical test now underway, the Census Bureau said it was pushing back an award for field technology to next year. (FCW) 

Senators gear up for government reorgWith agencies' draft reorganization plans due at the end of the month, senators want to focus on legislative solutions to the low-hanging fruit for improving agency efficiencies. (FCW) 

Mnuchin: Commercial sector should solve digital IDEven though the federal government is a big user of secure identity technology and a major target for online fraud, it shouldn't develop solutions to protect an increasingly complex worldwide financial ecosystem, said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. He wants government to continue partnering with industry to come up with answers. (FCW)

Civilian agency cuts in House spending bill are deep, not as drastic as Trump's proposalJust one week after lawmakers passed a continuing resolution that would keep the government open until Dec. 8, House lawmakers passed a 2018 spending package that includes all 12 appropriations bills. (Federal News Radio) 

No path to $700 billion for DoD in 2018, top lawmaker saysHouse Armed Services Ranking Member Adam Smith (D-Wash.) is more than pessimistic about the Defense Department getting $700 billion in 2018. (Federal News Radio)

Zielinski named governmentwide IT category managerBill Zielinski will now be the point person for how the federal government buys IT as a single, strategic enterprise. (FedScoop)


Big Six remain divided over basic elements of tax reformThe "Big Six" are deeply divided over how to rewrite the tax code, including how to finance long-promised cuts in individual and corporate rates. (Politico Pro) 

Top tax writers, Mnuchin to talk tax reform at Pro SummitThe flurry of activity on tax reform this week has raised expectations that Congress is going to start moving legislation this fall, after months of negotiations between top Republican lawmakers and the White House. (Politico Pro) 

Hurricane relief could bring headwinds for tax reformHurricane recovery efforts are beginning to complicate Republican plans to remake the tax code. (Politico Pro) 

Internet Tax Ruling Worth Billions Poised for Supreme Court ReviewThe South Dakota Supreme Court brought the question of whether online retailers should pay sales tax back into sharp focus. (Bloomberg) 

GOP to Release Tax Overhaul as Trump Says Rich Won't Benefit. President Donald Trump said Wednesday the emerging Republican tax proposal won't cut taxes for the wealthy, and they may go up, an assurance that appeared to contradict the plan that his administration and GOP leaders are drafting. (Wall Street Journal) 
Will Tax Changes Be Bipartisan, or Republican-Only?Trump Makes Deal a Priority Over Party. President Donald Trump's negotiation toward a second agreement with congressional Democrats in a week confirmed his willingness to partner with Democrats to push his legislative agenda and further muddled the political calculus on Capitol Hill. (Wall Street Journal) 


Sen. Klobuchar Proposes Higher Bar for Mega-Mergers. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) Sept. 14 introduced two bills intended to "modernize" antitrust enforcement, including a proposal to require big merging companies to prove their tie-ups won't harm competition. (BNA) 

Tech Business  

This Silicon Valley start-up wants to replace lawyers with robotsSilicon Valley's next hot start-up isn't likely to be a video chat app. Nor is it likely to be an on-demand service, like Instacart or Uber. (New York Times) 

ITI Member News

Oracle's Push Into Cloud Gathers More Momentum on Sales GrowthOracle Corp.'s streak of revenue gains continued for a fifth straight quarter, buoyed by corporate demand for cloud-based software. (Bloomberg) 

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