C2ES reports highlighted on NextGov

Faced with growing pressures both to cut costs and to meet increasingly stringent sustainability goals, federal agencies are turning to information and communications technologies (ICT) as one means of helping them cope with this new reality.  NextGov, a leading news site geared towards federal technology decision makers, will be featuring the case studies  we developed with support from DESSC highlighting federal agencies'  use of ICT solutions in reducing costs and meeting their sustainability goals.  The series of postings begins with a look at the innovative redesign of office space piloted by GSA at their headquarters building.  With a new case study each week for the next eight weeks, this posting by NextGov represents an excellent opportunity to get the word out to the federal community about some of the cutting edge uses of ICT solutions by leading agencies.  The first case study can be found here.

Public Policy Tags: Intelligent Efficiency