DESSC companies on Newsweek’s Greenest Companies List

DESSC is proud of all of our member’s green efforts, but today we want to applaud the six DESSC members that made it onto Newsweek’s 2012 Greenest American Companies list. Now in its fourth year, these rankings are compiled after analysis by multiple environmental research organizations.

CA Technologies cut back on commuting and pollution by allowing 30 percent of its workforce to work from home. With plans to buy more renewable energy in the future, CA Technologies comes in at 5.

Dell not only uses smarter packaging, but also recycles 98 percent of its non-hazardous by-products. This makes Dell a nearly zero waste company and Newsweek places them in thenumber 4 spot.

EMC’s conversion to the cloud has saved huge amounts of energy. These savings coupled with the wastewater treatment facility at the company’s headquarters puts them at 11.

HP went above and beyond when they focused on sustainability. They cut their own emissions by 50 percent in just seven years and pushed suppliers to go green by refusing towork with any company linked to deforestation. These leaves them with the number 2 spot.

Intel buys more green power than any other U.S. company and has reduced their greenhouse gas emissions 60 percent since 2007, landing them at number 7 on Newsweek’s list.

Microsoft took efforts this past year to become completely carbon neutral. They rank 12th on the list.

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