ITAPS and Our First Seven Months of Success

Seven months ago, my colleagues and I joined ITI to create a new division called the IT Alliance for Public Sector, or ITAPS as we are commonly known.  This week, leaders from across the industry in both the federal and state, local, and education markets participated in our inaugural executive council meetings to discuss our goals and focus for the future. These meetings were an opportunity to look at our progress to date and gave me tremendous optimism about the future of ITAPS.  In looking back at our past seven months, I am astounded by the level of engagement and proud of my team’s accomplishments. Since forming ITAPS, we’ve:

  • Tracked over 120 federal regulations and filed comments on nearly a dozen;
  • Convened 40 committee meetings to focus on policy challenges facing government contractors;
  • Hosted 18 business development meetings to put our members in front of their customers;
  • Held 50 meetings with leaders on the Hill and in the Obama administration to advocate for improvements in the government’s acquisition of innovative technologies;
  • Hosted six executive engagement sessions with state and local government CIOs and officials to engage in dialog with them about their visions and their challenges; and,
  • Tracked 169 state bills and engaged on the most important priorities for state and local contractors in state legislatures.

These activities and more are all in support of the goals of the 21 companies that have joined ITAPS.  This week, we received affirmation of our focus and solid and helpful guidance from our leaders. We developed a better understanding of how we can provide the greatest return on investment.  We honed our focus on the major opportunities and challenges facing companies in all public sector markets and how we can work together to move the ball forward.  We also developed concrete direction to amplify our voice as the thought leaders on the adoption and implementation of innovative technology.  

We are energized to further amplify our impact across the public sector marketplace, and we look forward to the second half of the year with confidence and enthusiasm. 

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