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ITI Highlights High-Tech’s Investments in Students and Workers on New Website

Earlier this year, ITI unveiled its last iteration of Moving Education Forward:  Strengthening STEM in Today’s Classrooms -- an excellent resource that spotlights many of our member companies and the investments they’ve made in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs that prepare our nation’s students and workers for today’s dynamic economy.  Today, ITI moved this book and its content into the virtual world, and launched its STEM website, Strengthening STEM to Secure our Future.  Just like its book, ITI’s site will be a one-stop shop where visitors can read, watch, and learn what the high-tech industry is doing to shrink the skills gap. 

Today’s dynamic, innovation-driven economy demands bright and creative minds with versatile STEM skills.  Literally tens of thousands of good-paying U.S. jobs that require STEM skills go unfilled in today’s marketplace.  In fact, vacant STEM jobs outnumber qualified applicants by nearly 2 to 1.  Possessing these critical skills is nearly a one-way ticket to success.  And that’s why it’s so heartening to see many of ITI’s member companies make the necessary investments to improve the quantity and quality of student STEM participation, and shrink the skills gap.  Whether it’s funding scholarships, training teachers, crafting curriculum, mentoring students, or providing cutting edge hardware and software, the high tech industry's investments are paving the way for America’s classrooms to foster creativity and innovation. 

On behalf of ITI and its members, I invite you to visit the site and learn more about what the high-tech industry is doing to advance STEM education in your area, and build the high-quality U.S. workforce needed to innovate, compete, and succeed for generations to come.

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