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New Members, New Excitement at ITI

For nearly a century, ITI has brought smart, effective policy advocacy to bear to advance technological improvements that have revolutionized the global economy.  From the office machines of the early 20th century to today’s mobile technologies, our members remain at the cutting edge of innovation and advancement.  We are enormously proud to represent the world’s most dynamic companies which, each day, make major advancements in how we all work, learn, and play.

As our companies revolutionize our world, ITI continues to grow and evolve with our members.  Originally an organization focused squarely on U.S. companies and Washington policies (the world was a much smaller place in 1916!), we are vastly more diverse in our membership and our focus.  And our newest members – HTC and Epson – exemplify our continual evolution.  HTC is our first Taiwanese based company and will bring their “Quietly Brilliant” voice to ITI’s work.  Additionally, Epson, a global leader in 3LCD projection technology and an innovator of high-quality color inkjet, thermal, and dot matrix technology printers also has chosen to join ITI. These companies bring our membership to 52, expand our global reach, and highlight the ever-changing tech sector policy landscape.

Our new members’ specialties serve as a microcosm of the diverse issues that ITI undertakes in the U.S. and in key capitals and markets around the globe – issues of mobility, market access, and privacy. 

The tech sector drives progress.  We anchor economic growth.  We spark exploration.   HTC and Epson are the latest companies to join ITI, and we look forward to working with them.

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