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Remembering Dr. Sally K. Ride

Dr. Sally K. RideScience and innovation go hand-in-hand with human exploration and discovery.  We strive to fundamentally change what we know about all that we know.  We dare to dream, and have the audacious belief that our dreams will come true. 

Dr. Sally Ride was one of those unique people with the audacity to turn dreams into reality.  Every achievement she made led naturally to the next challenge.  Sally was a cutting-edge innovator who opened doors to new ideas about the world around us.  She was a trailblazing astronaut who opened the nation’s eyes to the excitement of space and the possibilities of the undiscovered.  She was a renowned physicist who not only inspired girls to chart their own paths, but also helped to give them the tools in science and engineering to expand their opportunities and reach for their own stars. 

Through her work at NASA to her efforts in Sally Ride Science to her research at the University of California – San Diego, her contributions to our society have proved enormous to our country and our world. 

At ITI, we will miss her leadership on many issues, but especially STEM education.  Sally was a founding board member for Change the Equation, speaking out for greater investments in these critical areas, even in times of economic challenge.  She backed her beliefs through her tireless work to empower girls’ education and hands’ on experience in science, math, and technology.

Our thoughts today are with Sally’s family and friends.  Our imaginations always will soar through the heavens with her.


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