Technology is changing our world and lives for the better, including for people with disabilities and age-related limitations. For such individuals, internet, hardware, and software-based solutions help empower them at home, in school, and in the workplace, accessing information, entertainment, education, and employment opportunities from nearly anywhere in the world.

ITI is the leading technology industry voice for accessibility policies and standards. Working closely with governments, consumers, and a range of industry sectors around the world, we encourage policymakers to focus on desired performance and outcomes rather than technical prescriptions, allowing the technology industry the flexibility to innovate and compete to deliver cost-effective solutions that empower everyone, regardless of ability.

PLEASE NOTE: ITI is in the process of updating the VPAT® tool and is seeking feedback from the user community on a beta prototype. VPAT® 2.0 Beta can be found via this link. A survey seeking feedback on the prototype can be found via this link.


  • VPAT (July 12, 2016)