Imagine if you needed to install a different driver every time you joined a new wireless network. Or if you had to download a different format of your favorite band’s latest album for your computer, your stereo, and your mobile device. Would you be frustrated? Of course. Fortunately, digital music comes in standardized formats, and our wireless networks operate on standardized frequencies. Standards make products on which we rely everyday interoperable – that is, able to cross borders and technology platforms – without a glitch.

Standardization allows innovators and the products that they create to speak a common language to each other and to consumers. And the system works because the end result is developed in an open, voluntary, consensus-based process and can be applied to products around the world. It’s at the heart of making all of our technologies work – from big-ticket servers to our mobile phones to our alarm clocks.

Standards improve the consumer’s use of the product and make products more desirable. The diverse ICT standards ecosystem enables innovators and product developers to select the best standard for a particular need, and to freely revise their choice in response to changes in technology and market conditions.ITI believes the decentralized, voluntary, market-driven standardization system can continue to carry us into a globally connected future with equal or increased productivity, capability and competitiveness.

ITI serves as the leading industry advocate for a global, harmonized, consensus-based ICT standardization system that is market-driven and private sector-led – the model that has helped to foster unprecedented growth and innovation in the ICT sector, and revolutionized the way people across the globe work, learn, and play.

Engagement in the U.S.: ITI works closely with NIST, the White House Subcommittee on Standards and other government stakeholders to support and promote U.S. policy on voluntary standards.

Engagement Globally: ITI actively promotes policies friendly to voluntary, industry-led standards in Brussels, Beijing, and other major capitals around the world. We work within the framework of international standards bodies and industry-led fora and consortia, all of which play a key role for ICT innovators. ITI also sponsors the InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS), the forum of choice for many information technology developers, producers and users for the development and maintenance of core ICT standards. The group, with its 1,700 member organizations from numerous countries, works to promote the effective use of ICT through standardization in a way that balances the interests of all stakeholders, and increases the global competitiveness of its member organizations. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has partnered with INCITS by distributing their standards to help advance information and communication technology.