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State and local governments are undergoing a digital revolution after decades of fits and starts and slow progress. Yet rigid procurement policies, mounting cyber and ransomware attacks, aging and outdated infrastructure and insufficient funding threaten to inhibit greater cutting-edge technological innovation at the local level.

ITI works with member companies, governments, and public and private stakeholders to drive policy reforms at the state and local levels. We advocate for policies that maximize the ability of state and local governments to serve their citizens and enhance national security by delivering robust and consistent support and funding for IT acquisition, innovation, and modernization efforts, including enhanced cybersecurity, in tangent with our federal team.

Engagement with State and Local Governments

To help bridge the gap between state and local government needs and policies with industry expertise and services, legislators, regulators, and administrators can join ITI’s policy roundtable discussions on the following areas:

  • The Cybersecurity Working Group (CWG): ITI’s CWG seeks to identify specific issue-related business development opportunities, share market intelligence, and collaborate with key third-party advocates to promote consistent standards and policies across public sector entities, ensuring enhanced security controls and protocols. Learn more about ITI’s Cybersecurity Toolkit for State Legislators.

  • Industry Leadership Advisory Council (ILAC): ITI’s Industry Leadership Advisory Council (ILAC) will builds relationships with state and local elected officials, policymakers, administrators, regulators, thought leaders, and industry professionals in priority states and across the country to increase awareness and understanding of critical cybersecurity, IT modernization and other public sector issues.

To learn more or get involved, please reach out to ITI’s U.S State and Local lead, Rhoda Washington (

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