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Advancing STEM Education

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The information and communications technology sector is leading the charge to make science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education a priority for our nation. In today’s global marketplace, too many American workers are armed with outdated skillsets, threatening our nation’s economic growth. We can – and we must – do better.

Global competitors are doubling down on their STEM investments, becoming more innovative and growing their economies. To maintain our innovative edge, the nation should follow our sector’s lead to ensure that students and workers are armed with those in-demand skillsets that today’s knowledge based economy requires. Each missed opportunity to invest in our nation’s workforce is a missed opportunity to spur innovation, unleash the transformative power of new and emerging technologies, and grow the economy.

Expanding STEM opportunities is a responsibility shared by policymakers, schools, parents, and the business community. The U.S. technology sector invests heavily in America’s schools and our students. Check out this site to learn more about how ITI’s members are living up to their responsibility in America’s schools and helping to build a better future for students and our country alike.

Advancing STEM Education