October 29, 2013

Washington, D.C. – Today, 29 coalitions and trade associations, representing hundreds of American businesses that employ tens of millions of American workers, released the following statement in advance of the first meeting of the Budget Conference Committee:
"The undersigned coalitions and trade associations share a common interest in pro-growth, comprehensive tax reform in the United States. We believe tax reform, done right, will create jobs, encourage more investment, and spur economic growth. A growing economy will also help the U.S. shrink its budget deficit. We urge the budget negotiators to seize this opportunity to pave the way for pro-growth, comprehensive tax reform in 2014."

The statement has been signed by the following coalitions and trade associations:

Aerospace Industries Association (AIA)
Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI)
Alliance for Competitive Taxation (ACT)
American Chemistry Council (ACC)
American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA)
American Gas Association (AGA)
Biomass Power Association (BPA)
Business Forward
Business Roundtable (BRT)
Financial Executives International (FEI)
Financial Services Roundtable (FSR)
Information Technology Industry Council (ITIC)
International Franchise Association (IFA)
Let’s Invest For Tomorrow (LIFT)
National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)
National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)
National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC)
National Restaurant Association
National Retail Federation (NRF)
Reforming America’s Taxes Equitably (RATE)
Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA)
Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA)
Software Finance and Tax Executives Council (SoFTEC)
Tax Innovation Equality (TIE) Coalition
Technology CEO Council (TCC)
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
United States Council for International Business (USCIB)

Press Contacts:
AIA: Chip Sheller, 703-358-1000, chip.sheller@aia-aerospace.org
AHRI: Francis J. Dietz, 703-600-0355, fdietz@ahrinet.org
ACT: Natalie Muñoz, 202-464-6601, nmunoz@skdknick.com
ACC: Jennifer Scott, 202-249-6512, jennifer_scott@americanchemistry.com
AF&PA: Chuck Fuqua, 202-463-2436, comm@afandpa.org
AGA: Jake Rubin, 202-824-7027, JRubin@aga.org
BPA: Carrie Annand, 703-722-7043, carrieannand@hillenby.com
Business Forward: Bert Kaufman, 202-861-1271, bkaufman@businessfwd.org
BRT: Amanda DeBard, 202-496-3269, adebard@brt.org
FEI: Lili DeVita, 973-765-1021, ldevita@financialexecutives.org
FSR: Alison Hawkins, 202-589-2427, Alison.Hawkins@fsround.org
ITIC: Robert Hoffman, 202-626-5750, rhoffman@itic.org
IFA: Jenna Weisbord, 202-662-0766, jweisbord@franchise.org
LIFT: Claire Buchan Parker, 855-207-5548, LIFTAmericaCoalition@gmail.com
NAM: Matt Lavoie, 202-637-3085, mlavoie@nam.org
NEMA: Paul Molitor, 703-841-3262, Paul.Molitor@NEMA.org
NFTC: Catherine Schultz, 202-887-0278, cschultz@nftc.org
National Restaurant Association: Katie Laning Niebaum, 202-973-3967, kniebaum@restaurant.org
NRF: Stephen Schatz, 202-626-8119, schatzs@nrf.com
RATE: Bill McQuillen, 202-559-0290, McQuillen@jdafrontline.com
RILA: Allie Brandenburger, 703-841-2300, allie.brandenburger@rila.org
SIA: Dan Rosso, 202-446-1719, drosso@semiconductors.org
SoFTEC: Mark E. Nebergall, 202-486-3725, mnebergall@softwarefinance.org
TIE Coalition: Leigh Beasley, 646-525-6693, Leigh.Beasley@bm.com
TechAmerica: Stephanie Craig, 202-682-4443, Stephanie.Craig@TechAmerica.org
Technet: Amanda N. Byrd, 202-350-2630, Amanda.Byrd@463.com
TCC: Jen Bemisderfer, 703-868-8547, jenbemisderfer@gmail.com
U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Blair Latoff Holmes, 202-463-5682, Bholmes@USChamber.com
USCIB: Jonathan Huneke, 212-703-5043, jhuneke@uscib.org

Download release here.