April 09, 2019

BRUSSELS – Today, ITI, the global voice of the tech sector, welcomed the adoption of the European Union (EU) Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI, drafted by the EU’s High-Level Expert Group on AI (HLEG):

“Our industry strongly stands behind the ethical principles and values identified by the HLEG’s guidelines as the ones that should be respected in the development, deployment, and use of AI systems in Europe and across the globe,” said Guido Lobrano, ITI’s Vice President of Policy for Europe. “As the debate on AI takes place on a global scale, it is now crucial for Europe to also focus on competitiveness while communicating these values and principles on trustworthy AI with its international partners. In this context, the guidelines’ assessment list will be an important feature to operationalise the principles and provide clarity as to their actual impact on the concrete applications that will provide tangible societal and economic benefits to us all. ITI stands ready to continue providing critical feedback to this process.”

The Commission will launch a pilot phase of the guidelines’ application later this year, where stakeholders will have the opportunity to provide input on the assessment list’s practical implementability, completeness, and relevance for specific applications, as well as overlap or complementarity with existing compliance or assessment processes. Based on this feedback, the HLEG will review the assessment list for the key requirements and propose a revised version of the Trustworthy AI assessment list to the Commission in early 2020.

ITI has been closely involved in the HLEG’s process on developing the guidelines. In addition, earlier this year, ITI released Policy Recommendations for a European Tech Agenda, which included recommendations for the EU to advance a compelling European tech agenda for the 21st century, including in the area of AI. Read the recommendations here.