June 30, 2020

WASHINGTON – Today, global tech trade association ITI called on the World Bank to encourage collaboration between the public and private sectors and to champion policies for effective data governance in its World Development Report 2021. In a comment on the World Bank’s Concept Note for ‘Data for Better Lives,’ ITI discusses the fundamental role of data in our society and outlines policy recommendations to improve data-driven development outcomes, with a particular emphasis on better understanding where governments can benefit from technical assistance and capacity building to fully leverage data for development.

“Technology and data are vital tools in the fight against poverty, and they enable greater participation in the 21st century global economy for individuals and businesses alike,” said Megan Funkhouser, ITI Director of Policy. “We welcome the World Bank’s focus on the many policy and technical factors that contribute to the role of data in realizing development objectives. Our policy recommendations for the Concept Note leverage the extensive international experience of our members, and can serve as guidelines to broaden inclusive, data-driven innovation in economies throughout the world.

In its comment, ITI outlines global best practices for data governance and modern trade and tax policy that promote innovation, sustainability, and inclusive growth in an increasingly digitalized global economy. “It is important to acknowledge that the concept of the data-driven economy is increasingly synonymous with the global economy,” ITI wrote in its comment. “Though digital policies may emanate from a single country or region, their application to data and data-driven technology imbues them with inherently global implications. For this reason, international cooperation in the development of compatible approaches to data governance has never been more important to ensuring that the broadest range of individuals can derive value from data and digital technology.”

Read ITI’s full comment here.

Public Policy Tags: Trade & Investment