December 16, 2016

WASHINGTON—Today the IT Alliance for Public Sector (ITAPS), a division of ITI representing leading government technology and service provider companies, welcomed a decision by the state of Idaho that will help the state infuse innovation into its operations at the best value to its taxpayers. In October ITAPS told lawmakers during a Idaho legislature hearing that aligning Idaho’s state IT contract terms and conditions as closely as possible to commercial contracting practices would increase competition and give agencies sorely needed access to new technologies.

“Idaho’s decision is a step in the right direction and opens the door for state agencies to tap more innovative technologies and services into their work on behalf of constituents,” said ITAPS Senior Manager Jordan Kroll, who testified earlier before the legislature. “We encourage other states to follow Idaho’s lead because taxpayers are the ultimate winners when we increase competition to provide the most innovative IT solutions at the best value.”

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