September 25, 2019

WASHINGTON — Today, the Trump Administration announced the conclusion of a first-stage bilateral trade deal between the United States and Japan that includes commitments on digital trade and reductions of select industrial and agricultural tariffs.

“Japan and the United States are strong allies and recognized leaders in digital technology and innovation. We applaud both governments for reaching preliminary agreement on provisions that reflect state-of-the-art rules for facilitating digital trade in the 21st century,” said Sam Rizzo, Director of Policy at ITI. “In addition to the benefits it provides for businesses and consumers in both markets, this first-stage agreement represents a positive step toward solidifying international norms that ensure that global markets remain fair, open, and competitive in the modern economy. We appreciate the work undertaken by the United States and Japan to this point and encourage both sides to continue progress toward an agreement that is comprehensive, subject to dispute settlement, and representative of the deep economic ties between both countries.”

Public Policy Tags: Trade & Investment