December 04, 2018

WASHINGTON – Today ITI, the global voice of the tech sector, released the following statement from its Executive Vice President of Public Affairs Ashley Berrang regarding the Trump Administration’s new report saying that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education should be a national priority.

“STEM jobs can no longer be viewed through a vertical lens – a significant share of the American economy now relies on these high-skilled workers to power it. Across the United States, small and large businesses are looking for workers to fill the over 3 million open STEM jobs. The only way to do that is to increase the investment in and commitment to training and education programs that ensure the workforce has the right skills to meet the demand now and in the future. We thank the Trump Administration for continuing to prioritize STEM education and for working earnestly to equip American workers with the skills needed to earn one of these good-paying jobs.”

Previously, ITI expressed its support for the the American Innovation and Competitiveness Act, which authorizes the federal government to come out with this report every five years.

Eighty percent of the fastest growing jobs require skills in STEM and computer science. As this skills gap grows, tech is making our own investments in education programs, partnerships with schools, and student skills training to make sure the next generation is prepared for the high-tech jobs of the future. Learn more about what the tech industry is doing to close the STEM skills gap.