April 23, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C.... The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) is enhancing its policy expertise with the addition of two Capitol Hill veterans specializing in cybersecurity and tax issues.  Maryam Cope and Miguel A. Martínez, Jr., soon will join ITI.

“ITI’s issue advocacy is a dynamic practice, and Maryam and Miguel will provide critical leadership in ever-evolving areas.  Their experience, proven results, and collaborative approach will prove essential to the tech sector’s long-term success,” ITI President & CEO Dean C. Garfield explained.

Maryam Cope is a five-year veteran of the U.S. Senate, serving on the staff of former Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, where her issue portfolio included cybersecurity, standards, federal research, and telecommunications.  These are key issues of focus for ITI, and Cope’s understanding of the intricacies involved will be central to advancing the tech sector’s innovation-focused priorities.

“Maintaining security, privacy, and resiliency in cyberspace is an evolving challenge faced by the government, the private sector, and individual citizens.  As ever more essential services and data move online and to the cloud, it is imperative to advance policies that are relevant to emerging technologies, strengthen security, foster innovation, and protect privacy,” Cope said.  “My years on the Hill demonstrated that if any group in D.C. can provide constructive and valuable input on tech policy, it is ITI. I couldn't be more pleased to join the ITI team, and I look forward to working with all the stakeholder groups to advance the best policies and practices.”

Miguel A. Martínez, Jr., joins ITI after serving for four years as Tax and Benefits Counsel for U.S. Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga. -- a senior member of the House Committee on Ways and Means.  Martinez also served as a tax practitioner for three years prior to his joining Rep. Lewis’ staff.  At ITI, Martinez will lead efforts to advance a competitive U.S. market-based tax system that enhances innovation.  He also will help to address the many tax issues emerging for the sector globally.

“I am very much excited to join the team at ITI.  From immigration reform to tax policy, ITI is leading the way on Capitol Hill just as its member companies lead the way in today's economy.  As Congress prepares to tackle tax reform, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work for and represent the tech sector,” Martinez stated.

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Media contact:  Meghan Fletcher, mfletcher@itic.org, (202) 524-4389


Public Policy Tags: Tax Policy, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things