May 11, 2022

BRUSSELS – Today, global tech trade association the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) joined the Trans-Atlantic Business Council (TABC) and 9 trade industry groups from both the European Union and the United States on a statement calling for a strong, trustworthy, and durable transatlantic partnership ahead of the upcoming US-EU Trade and Technology Council (TTC) meeting on 16 May:

"The transatlantic business community offers its full support to the TTC’s work. The TTC’s priorities and process must be informed by dialogue with stakeholders, and it is encouraging to see that both the EU with its Futurium platform, and US policymakers with their public consultation opportunities, have built a structure to facilitate stakeholders’ engagement.

“Stakeholders’ expectations of the next TTC meeting in May 2022 are high. While the focus on “low hanging fruit” is acceptable as a first step, decision-makers should not lose sight of the bigger picture and strategic objectives. This is an incredibly important geopolitical moment for the EU and US to work together and pursue a common bilateral and global vision on technology, trade and security.”

Signed by ITI, CSI, CTA, DIGITALEUROPE, EUROCHAMBRES, EuroCommerce, ERT, ESF, NFTC, SIIA, and TABC, the statement draws out key recommendations for the TTC:

  • Develop common approaches to shared challenges and address and resolve differences that may undermine a common approach;

  • Complement collaboration in other existing bilateral and multilateral regulatory dialogues and fora, such as the WTO, G20, and OECD;

  • Base the Council’s work on the key transatlantic values of non-discrimination, mutual consultation and dialogue, solid standards on due process and IP protection, and the open, rules-based market;

  • Seek outcomes across all TTC policy areas that would bolster the US and EU’s ability to outcompete non-market economies that do not share transatlantic core values.

Read the full statement here.

Public Policy Tags: Trade & Investment