September 09, 2019

WASHINGTON — Today, ITI’s Vice President of Policy and Senior Counsel John Miller joined key stakeholders, including several ITI member companies, at the White House Summit on Artificial Intelligence in Government. The Summit, held this afternoon, brought together experts from government, industry, academia, and non-profits to discuss strategies for the adoption of AI by government in order to improve systems and services.

“Artificial Intelligence is already transforming our economy, society, and how we go about our daily lives,” Miller said ahead of today’s meeting. “Today’s Summit is an important step to ensure the United States can realize the smart, responsible growth of this technology and advance U.S. leadership in AI’s development and deployment, including across the federal government. Government and community leaders, industry partners, consumer advocates, and academia must continue to work together to advance these goals and make sure AI benefits all Americans, while mitigating concerns regarding the technology. ITI and our member companies look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with stakeholders at this Summit and beyond.”

In 2017, ITI released the first-of-its-kind AI Policy Principles to help guide lawmakers globally on the growth and deployment of AI technology.

Public Policy Tags: Artificial Intelligence