March 12, 2019

BRUSSELS – ITI, the global voice of the tech sector, today released Policy Recommendations for a European Tech Agenda. The recommendations outline concrete steps that the European Union (EU) can take to advance a compelling European tech agenda for the 21st century.

“Europe has the opportunity to take an international leadership role on policy issues that are increasingly global,” said Guido Lobrano, ITI’s Vice President, Europe. “ITI’s Policy Recommendations for a European Tech Agenda offers policymakers a clear and actionable plan to advance policies that address the economic and social implications of technology in a manner that supports innovation while recognising the very real public interests at stake. The recommendations underscore ITI and our members’ commitment to upholding the fundamental principles and democratic values that underpin European society, while preserving an enabling environment for innovation to ensure Europe’s global competitiveness and security. We look forward to working with policymakers and other key stakeholders to advance these crucial tech policy measures throughout the 2019-2024 EU term.”

ITI’s recommendations focus on the following key policy areas: global convergence on artificial intelligence; interoperable privacy rules; global cyber and supply chain security; governance of non-personal data; digital trade and data flows; the international tax system; an innovation-friendly framework for internet intermediaries; and competition policy and digitalisation.

Read the recommendations here.

Public Policy Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Tax Policy, Data & Privacy, Intellectual Property