July 04, 2019

BRUSSELS – ITI, the global voice for the tech sector, issued the following reaction to France’s Assemblée Nationale’s advancement of a national digital services tax earlier today. France’s Sénat is expected to vote on the measure Thursday, July 11:

“France’s move to enact a unilateral, national digital tax opens the door to a fragmented, inefficient global tax system that would reduce business certainty and impede innovation, job creation, and economic growth worldwide,” said Jennifer McCloskey, ITI’s Vice President of Policy. “We recognize the challenges that arise as the global economy becomes increasingly digitized but proceeding unilaterally would complicate economic relationships around the world and lead to undesirable measures to address France’s action. Policymakers will find solutions to these complex issues only through a collaborative, multilateral, consensus-based approach. We urge France and other countries considering unilateral actions to recommit to the ongoing, multilateral OECD process and work together towards thoughtful and principled modifications of international tax norms.”

Public Policy Tags: Tax Policy