February 19, 2020

BRUSSELS – Today, global tech trade association ITI issued the following statement in response to the European Commission’s “Shaping Europe's digital future" Communication proposal:

“ITI and our members share the firm belief that building trust in the era of digital transformation is essential,” said Guido Lobrano, ITI’s Vice President of Policy for Europe. “It is also critical to preserve an enabling environment for innovation to ensure Europe’s global competitiveness and security. While we are still reviewing the European Commission’s ‘Shaping Europe's digital future’ Communication, the White Paper on Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the European strategy for data, we welcome that Europe’s vision for digital policy in the coming five years foresees significant investment in research and development and promotes legal certainty for businesses.

“For Europe to fully realise its tech leadership potential, it should take a collaborative approach to regulation and avoid prescriptive policies that could stifle innovation in emerging areas like artificial intelligence,” Lobrano continued. “Europe should focus less on the potential harms of using AI, and consider the missed benefits of limiting its use, which may decrease this technology’s positive impact on communities. It is also important that Europe fully acknowledges the value of a global, interconnected data economy. We look forward to being a constructive partner for European institutions in their work on these files in the coming months in order to advance Europe’s technological capabilities.”

Ahead of today’s release, ITI sent recommendations on Artificial Intelligence to the European Commission outlining what policy framework could help advance AI in Europe.