April 23, 2015

WASHINGTON — The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI), the global voice for the technology sector's leading companies, issued the following statement from President and CEO Dean Garfield applauding lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives for passing bipartisan legislation that would improve cyber threat information sharing:

"Our everyday lives, our society, and our modern economy rely upon the integrity of networks to keep us online and secure. Cyber threats will continue to evolve, and so must our responses, but to do so effectively we need to be nimble and stay ahead of the threats. Improving our ability to voluntarily share technical information related to cyber threats in all directions—among private entities and between government and the private sector—is really about protecting and defending these networks.

“We’re pleased the House has taken an important step to move this issue forward by passing bipartisan bills this week and we encourage the Senate to follow quickly by passing similar legislation that can best achieve our goal of promoting greater cybersecurity.”

In a letter earlier this week, ITI informed members of Congress it considered the legislation a key vote and urged lawmakers to pass H.R. 1560, the Protecting Cyber Networks Act; and H.R. 1731, the National Cybersecurity Protection Advancement Act. ITI is the only technology trade group that scores votes on legislation deemed to be significant to the technology sector.

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