August 13, 2020

WASHINGTON – Today, global tech trade association ITI unveiled its new Policy Agenda for the Americas, a comprehensive set of policy principles focused on key digital issues in countries throughout North and South America. ITI’s Policy Agenda emphasizes specific actions that can serve as a roadmap for policymakers across the region and are central to stimulating innovation, trade, investment, and economic growth. The agenda also identifies priority initiatives and defined solutions in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico.

“As policymakers in the Americas embrace digital transformation across their economies, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic, they should promote policies that open markets and spur economic growth and innovation to fully benefit their citizens,” said ITI Senior Director for Policy Ashley Friedman.

ITI’s Policy Agenda for the Americas includes these eight top-line recommendations:

  • Promote a pro-digital trade policy;
  • Advance emerging tech trends for digital transformation;
  • Avoid localization barriers;
  • Ensure a fair and principled approach to the evolving international tax system;
  • Align both cybersecurity and privacy measures with global best practices;
  • Promote fair and open competition for government IT transformation and procurement;
  • Adopt international standards; and
  • Align environmental packaging policies.

Read the full policy agenda here.