August 02, 2012

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI), which has been engaged for many months in a bipartisan effort to forge Congressional cybersecurity legislation, expressed its disappointment that the Senate was unable to reach an agreement on a path forward for the Cybersecurity Act of 2012.

Dean C. Garfield, ITI president and CEO, issued this statement:

“The Senate has worked to shape bipartisan cybersecurity legislation that would help to protect the country from ever-evolving cyber dangers.  The tech sector strongly backs efforts to develop a collaborative, innovative cybersecurity structure that can protect public safety, national security, and economic stability.

“The Senate vote is a reminder that we have a long way still to go.  We hope that, despite this setback, Senators will continue to work with stakeholders and reach agreement on a proposal that embraces security innovation as the best way to counter the threats we all know are out there.  Any effort must recognize the critical importance of private-sector leadership for information and communications technology innovation, increased information sharing, and a risk-management approach.

“ITI and our member companies are committed to providing cybersecurity solutions.  We believe that effective security solutions must continue to be driven by a vibrant, agile ICT industry that produces cutting-edge security technologies.  It is essential that the principle of innovation-first is at the center of any cybersecurity legislation if it is to be effective.

“We hope that Senators will not abandon their efforts on cybersecurity for another year or another Congress.  Cyber criminals won’t wait, and neither should we in developing a fast, flexible, and forward-thinking cyber shield.”

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