March 21, 2012

Washington, D.C. (March 21, 2012) – U.S. Senator Kay Hagan, D-N.C., has aided the country’s economic recovery immensely through her efforts to create a better climate for businesses and growth.  Because of these efforts, the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) has named Hagan as one of its Legislators of the Year.
“Senator Hagan has tirelessly supported and defended the spirit of innovation that will help America to come out of this recession,” Dean Garfield, President and CEO of ITI, said. “Her dedicated vision of a future filled with good-paying, stable jobs has lead to many wins for the tech sector and the American people as a whole.”


ITI presented Hagan with the award at its board meeting this week in Washington, D.C.  ITI is the premier voice, advocate, and thought leader for the information and communications technology industry.  The organization is widely recognized as the tech industry's most effective advocacy organization in Washington, D.C., and in foreign capitals around the world.


“Through her efforts to advance research and development investments and to bolster science, technology, engineering, and math classes in our schools, Senator Hagan understands that we need first-class minds, first-class facilities, and a first-class commitment to an innovation economy to compete with the rest of the world,” Garfield said.  “She is a champion for high-tech jobs in North Carolina and across the United States.”


"I am honored by the International Technology Industry's Council's award and acknowledgement today for my efforts to support job growth and innovation in our economy.  I believe that if we are to remain competitive in the global economy, we must win the race to innovation and discovery. The communications technology sector is a driver of good-paying, skilled jobs that will help North Carolinians and all Americans get back to work. I will continue to work with ITI, academia, workforce development experts and workers themselves to create a dynamic environment where high tech jobs and training are a priority."


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