December 14, 2011

Washington, D.C. (December 14, 2011) – Dean Garfield, President and CEO of the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) issued the following statement regarding ongoing debate of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) by the House Judiciary Committee:
“Blatant piracy infringes upon the intellectual property that millions of innovators spend valuable time and resources to create. We commend Chairman Smith and Members of the Committee for their ongoing efforts, including changes to the original bill that take into account the importance of the Internet as an engine of collaboration and growth.
“While a significant step, the bill as written still raises considerable concerns, including the requirements on Internet search engines, the implications for shared efforts to enhance cybersecurity, and the international implications of the current approach.”
“The high-tech industry is committed to thwarting the efforts of criminals whose sole purpose is to profit off of our best and brightest innovators.  Congress still has work to do in finding an approach that would carefully balance the need to preserve high-tech innovation with the universal goal of thwarting those who attempt to steal it. Both carry equal importance and urgency. We will continue to work with Congress and alongside other concerned stakeholders in seeking to achieve a consensus approach.”
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