May 15, 2014

ITI President and CEO Dean Garfield issued the following statement this afternoon:

“ITI welcomes the opportunity to move beyond the important, but theoretical discussion over net neutrality. Throughout the history of this debate, ITI has believed that this is not a black and white issue. As the tech sector, ITI and our member companies fully embrace the power of an open internet that allows experimentation, innovation, and the opportunity for startups with limited means to bring their products to market and compete fairly.  At the same time, policymakers must also recognize that not all traffic is created equal and sometimes the best-efforts Internet will not meet the needs of consumers.  Similarly, a fixed fiber cable is distinctly different than the most advanced LTE technology.  'Fast lanes' and 'slow lanes' make good talking points but as we begin a serious discussion about how to craft rules that protect consumers and innovation, while also recognizing the network is not just a big dumb pipe, we must leave those talking points behind and get down to workable solutions."

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Public Policy Tags: Broadband, Communications, & Spectrum