June 29, 2019

WASHINGTON – Today, ITI, the global voice of the tech sector, released the following statement from its President and CEO Jason Oxman, reacting to the outcome of the meeting between U.S. President Trump and Chinese President Xi at the 2019 G20 summit in Osaka, Japan:

“We are encouraged that China and the United States have agreed to continue negotiations without further escalation of the mutually damaging trade war. We are also relieved that President Trump has reconsidered his threat to impose additional tariffs, which would have accelerated harm to all American consumers, workers, and businesses of all sizes.

“Given the size and influence of both the U.S. and Chinese economies, we must address and resolve our differences in the interest of the global economy. This weekend’s pragmatic and direct discussion between the two leaders is a step in the right direction towards stabilizing the bilateral relationship. The tech industry recognizes that the U.S. and Chinese negotiating teams are working hard, and we urge both sides to continue to confer in good faith and conclude a deal that addresses longstanding tech trade issues and moves towards a more open and reciprocal U.S.-China economic relationship.”

Public Policy Tags: Trade & Investment