July 05, 2018

WASHINGTON – ITI Executive Vice President for Policy Josh Kallmer released the following statement about President Trump’s decision to move forward with 25 percent tariffs on Chinese technology imports worth roughly $34 billion.

“The decision to impose tariffs on Chinese goods will harm American consumers and businesses without addressing discriminatory and systemic Chinese trade practices and policies. It is troubling that the Administration continues to assume that the imposition of tariffs will convince China to resolve complex trade issues, and irresponsible to downplay the impact on American workers and businesses. Instead of going it alone, the president should work with allies to apply pressure on China to make meaningful changes to long-standing damaging trade practices. We urge President Trump to delay imposition of tariffs while U.S. officials make a concerted effort to negotiate, in coordination with allies, with the Chinese on a concrete list of issues, including implementation timelines and accountability mechanisms. Too many jobs and livelihoods are at stake to continue escalating this trade war.”

Tariffs on components and finished products would have the greatest impact on consumers, including tariffs on LEDs, printer and scanner components, and sensors. Increased costs on these items would raise the price of computers, phones, thermostats, and similar everyday items.

Public Policy Tags: Trade & Investment