January 25, 2021

Recommendations on Privacy, Broadband, Data, and More Shared with Biden-Harris Administration, Congressional Leaders

WASHINGTON – Today, global tech trade association ITI released a comprehensive, pro-innovation policy agenda the Biden-Harris Administration and U.S. Congress can adopt to help the country compete globally. U.S. policies that promote research and development (R&D), digital trade, and technological innovation reverberate through all sectors of the U.S. economy and society. The measures outlined in ITI’s agenda, Advancing Innovation to Make the U.S. More Globally Competitive, seek to build on those benefits with a focus on 11 key areas: tax, artificial intelligence (AI), cyber and supply chain security, trade, privacy, international standards, export controls, platforms and e-commerce, workforce, broadband and digital infrastructure, and digital government services.

“The Biden-Harris Administration has already moved forward with policies that support a competitive innovation agenda for the United States, including sweeping immigration reforms and investment in IT modernization and cybersecurity,” said Jason Oxman, ITI President and CEO. “ITI encourages all U.S. policymakers to build on that momentum, especially as other countries increase their investments and advance new approaches to digital policy, putting the U.S. at risk of losing its global share if it fails to demonstrate a meaningful commitment to driving its technological competitiveness. This risk has been amplified by the economic challenges that face the U.S. as it responds to and recovers from the global pandemic. Our range of policies seek to advance the goals of promoting U.S. economic competitiveness – while prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion – and securing the consequent benefits to the broader U.S. economy.”

Every U.S. state has a stake in the success of the increasingly technology-driven economy increases the urgency for policymakers to act decisively to strengthen U.S. competitiveness.

Specific priority recommendations outlined in ITI’s memo include:

  • Action on U.S. privacy legislation
  • Agreement to set up the EU-US Trade and Tech Council
  • Agreement to replace Privacy Shield post-Schrems II
  • $80 billion investment in broadband
  • Achieving multilateral principles on law enforcement access to data
  • Support for 5G R&D and open standards

The agenda was shared with Biden-Harris Administration officials at the U.S. Commerce, State, Treasury, and Homeland Security Departments, and all U.S. Members of Congress. It is the second installment of a series of recommendations focused on tech's role in advancing U.S. leadership, following ITI’s memo How Digital Technology Can Empower the American Economic Recovery, released in December.

Read ITI’s Policy agenda, Advancing Innovation to Make the U.S. More Globally Competitive, here.

Advancing Innovation to Make the U.S. More Globally Competitive

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