December 14, 2017

WASHINGTON – Today, ITI, the global voice of the tech sector, reacted to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) vote to repeal existing net neutrality rules and called on Congress to find a permanent and balanced solution to the critical issue:

“The internet is far too important to the economic success of the United States and its 3.2 billion worldwide daily users to allow it to be regulated by the political winds of the day,” said ITI president and CEO Dean Garfield. “Today’s vote by the FCC only creates greater uncertainty that will hinder the ability of businesses - small and large, startups and established tech companies - to advance and invest in the internet. It’s time for Congress to find a long-term, balanced, and bipartisan solution that cements the principles of a free and open internet, protects the interest of consumers and all stakeholders alike, and settles this matter once and for all.”

For years, ITI has called for the adoption of policies that protect consumers by restraining blocking and throttling activities and safeguarding an open internet; maintain consumer transparency requirements; promote investment in faster, more robust broadband networks and universal internet access; and create an innovation-friendly environment for entrepreneurs. ITI issued comments in July 2017 supporting these principles.

Public Policy Tags: Broadband, Communications, & Spectrum