December 02, 2021

BRUSSELS Today, global tech trade association ITI issued the following statement from its European Director-General Guido Lobrano in reaction to the European Parliament and Council agreement on the European Data Governance Act:

“ITI commends the Parliament and Council for reaching an agreement on the Data Governance Act (DGA). Expanding access to and reuse of publicly held data while safeguarding privacy, IP rights, and business secrets will boost innovation and growth and help pioneer solutions to address societal challenges. However, excessive restrictions on the international transfer of the data covered by the DGA could unnecessarily disincentivise data re-use and restrict economic growth given the inextricable link between data flows and our globalised economies. While we await to see the details of the final text of the DGA, we underscore that the mechanisms for international data transfers should be practical, feasible, and proportionate to the non-personal nature of the data. Any future “adequacy decisions” for the transfer of these data to third countries should be balanced, scalable and must not create bottlenecks to international data flows.”

Public Policy Tags: Data & Privacy