May 04, 2016

WASHINGTON – As the Republican and Democratic Presidential conventions draw near, the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI), the global voice of the tech sector, joined with a dozen technology trade associations from around the country in releasing their much-anticipated, first-ever, Technology Sector Presidential Platform to the presidential candidates. Signed by the leaders of the respective groups, the platform is designed to urge the 2016 presidential candidates to consider issues and implement policies that harness the power of technology, create jobs, grow the economy, foster innovation, and continue to improve the lives of all Americans.

"Our unprecedented show of unity is aimed at motivating action on the issues that matter most to our present and our future, and a sign of the tech sector's commitment to being a part of the solution." ITI President and CEO Dean Garfield said. "The issues we have outlined are too important to be ignored or treated like bumper sticker slogans. We intend to work to make sure innovation is infused into this presidential campaign. "

The Technology Sector Presidential Platform includes recommendations on a broad swath of issues, including: ensuring a skilled, 21st-century work force; expanding trade; advancing comprehensive tax reform; promoting effective and balanced intellectual property protections; improving trust and efficiency in networks; promoting innovation and free expression on the internet; improving innovation in government; and promoting the Internet of Things.

The groups noted that technology sector accounts for approximately seven percent of America’s gross domestic product (GDP), and in 2015 alone, we added nearly 200,000 net jobs and now employ more than 6.7 million people across the country.

Over the course of the past several months, the groups’ leadership worked closely together to develop this first-ever Technology Sector Presidential Platform. The letter was signed by the leaders of the following associations (listed in alphabetical order):

  • Allied For Startups
  • BSA|The Software Alliance
  • CompTIA
  • Computer & Communications Industry Association
  • Consumer Technology Association
  • ITI – The Information Technology Industry Council
  • Internet Association
  • Semiconductor Industry Association
  • Silicon Valley Leadership Group
  • Software & Information Industry Association
  • Telecommunications Industry Association
  • TechNet
  • Technology CEO Council

The open letter to the candidates as well as the Technology Sector Presidential Platform can be found here.

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