Tom Gavin photo
ITI’s Team: Best in Class

At ITI, we pride ourselves in the quality of our work.  Our ethos is reflected in our brand:  “Innovation.  Insight.  Influence.”  We strive to match our members’ breakthrough innovations with cutting-edge approaches to help people and governments better understand our members and the work they do in Washington, D.C., and in key markets and capitals around the world.  And, today, two of our top advocates are being recognized for being among the best in class in Washington.
ITI’s Dean Garfield and Robert Hoffman today are being honored at a reception where The Hill newspaper is recognizing the women and men who are considered to be the “Top Lobbyists of 2012.”  According to the paper, the list “was compiled through conversations with members of Congress, key aides and other lobbyists and includes the select group of names that never fail to arise when talk turns to a given issue.  It has been our pleasure to follow [their] efforts and progress over the last year, and we are happy to recognize [them] as one of the best at what [they] do.”
The honor is well-earned.  Dean and Robert lead a strong team of policy advocates who, collectively, find creative, cutting-edge solutions to some of the biggest problems facing our sector and the country.  From education to tax reform, from trade to cybersecurity, ITI has developed a team of top-flight professionals who bring the power and dynamism of the innovation sector to policy advocacy.
Congratulations to Dean and Robert on this recognition!