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Lessons Learned from the ITI Sustainability Series

Nearly 200 company representatives from several industry sectors participated in our first-ever ITI Sustainability Series – product policy and compliance seminars held in Round Rock, Tex., Santa Clara, Calif., and Schaumburg, Ill. Many thanks to our hosts – Dell, Intel, and Motorola Solutions, respectively – and to the diverse speakers who shared their expertise at the seminars. We presented the seminars along with partners IPC and SEMI.

The full-day sessions covered a variety of legal, technical and product compliance issues that are critical to environmental professionals seeking to ensure that they are in compliance with domestic and global compliance mandates. Featured speakers included Mr. Steve Andrews, Head of Environmental Regulation at the U.K. Department for Business, Innovation & Skills; Mr. Chris Smith, Technical Manager at the U.K. National Measurement Office; and, Mr. Matthew Bignell, Enforcement Officer at the U.K. National Measurement Office.

Attendees stated that the EU RoHS and WEEE Directives are still major product compliance concerns, especially with the recent RoHS recast. At the Seminars, companies received real-world compliance information from key regulators to help ensure that they are able to sell their products. Our U.K. guests provided the latest intelligence on European Union requirements for product design, energy use, and stewardship, and also explained their national compliance and enforcement regime. Attendees were able to ask the U.K regulators specific questions regarding scope, interpretations and enforcement of the EU Directives in a collegial and relaxed setting.

Total Parts Plus and 1WEEE Solutions sponsored the events, which also featured legal experts from Beveridge & Diamond, Holland & Knight and Strategic Counsel LLC, as well as subject matter experts from the involved trade associations. Participants received the latest updates on conflict minerals, U.S. product compliance requirements, and regional developments in Latin America and China. We supplemented these policy, legal, and regulatory presentations with panels of company compliance practitioners who discussed how they managed their internal systems to ensure that they were meeting their requirements. Our audience members were able to ask targeted questions during these panels, which we managed in a very informal question-and-answer format.

Look for the ITI Sustainability Series to be back next summer. The Briefing Book from the series is available here.

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